Fascinated during childhood by the photography of people and their stories in the pages of LIFE and LOOK magazines, MacNamara developed a deep interest in visualizing the human body itself as an expression of individual histories. She explored this theme in drawing and collage assemblages. “We hold experiences within our body, even at a cellular level,” she says, “there’s a feeling of energy that tells those stories.”

MacNamara’s artwork is informed by a multi-year career in the decorative arts business, with an emphasis on the psychological influences of color chroma, hue and value, becoming certified member of the International Association of Color Consultants and Designers.

MacNamara has degrees in Painting and Sculpture, post-graduate in Psychology and Painting, and in 2021, MacNamara was accepted into the FAU Graduate Painting Program and is the recipient of a grant of a full teaching assistantship.

Lives and works in Jupiter, Florida.